the hive southern ri coworking Coworking: What is all the buzz about?

The Hive is collaborative, community-based coworking facility in Southern Rhode Island at the Lafayette Mills complex in North Kingstown. What is coworking? Who uses a coworking space? How much does it cost? These questions and many more are answered throughout this site, but maybe this short video will help lay some of the groundwork.



Whatever you do, do it Here!

The Hive is looking to gather a colony! Our current rates are significantly reduced as we introduce coworking to Southern RI. We’re also offering a free daily pass, please complete this form to receive yours!

Creating a Buzzzz…

If you or someone you know is grinding-it-out at a local coffee shop, or working from home, The Hive offers an positive atmosphere, We have quiet workspaces as well as opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded folks. Accelerate your business, visit us soon. Independents Thrive at The Hive!

Hive Hours

The Hive Hours

Monday 9AM – 5PM
Tuesday 9AM – 5PM
Wednesday 9AM – 5PM
Thursday 9AM – 5PM
Friday By Special Arrangement (Summer only)
Saturday – Closed
Sunday – Closed
Hours of operation are subject to change.


The Hive hosts weekly events and activities. At our Tuesday Power Lunch, members and guests connect and collaborate in a casual atmosphere. On Thursday’s Lunch & Learns, hear presentations from – and help empower – local small businesses! For weekly events, bring your own lunch or buy from one of the food trucks that come to our doors. Group walks, bike rides or runs through the beautiful, wooded trails of Ryan Park (just steps from The Hive), are great ways to shed the day’s work or discuss new projects and ideas.

Hive Events


The Hive is a shared working environment and as such we have to respect the privacy of other members. A list of what’s acceptable and what isn’t can be seen here. We also provide an anonymous form to submit complaints, so they can be dealt with fairly and quickly.

Acceptable Use

Food Trucks

Get your grub on! The Hive has food trucks like Eddies BBQ, Presto StrangeO coffee and others regularly visiting the waterfall area. In an effort to increase the community vibe here we’ve arranged to have these trucks come serve our colony as well as local area businesses.

The food trucks serve The Hive members as well as other appreciative local businesses.

What is Coworking?

Coworking is a shared working environment that typically attracts like-minded individuals who have an interest in community and collaboration.

Coworking Wiki

Our Working Spaces

The Hive has private offices, fixed desks, shared desks, conference room, kitchen, couches, group tables, comfy chairs and other spaces that suit most working styles.

The Space

Event Spotlight

Featured speakers, artist gallery nights, networking events, social and other special events. Speakers will include business leaders, authors, financial experts and others.

Hive Events

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